The Space

The Third Place for Cascadia's Health Care Innovators

The Cambia Grove is a home and a hub. Our 9,000 square feet in the heart of downtown Seattle feeds the regional health care ecosystem’s need for collaboration. The space has been painstakingly designed from the ground up to support the community’s thirst to network and learn, offering work space, private offices and presentation areas.

Most importantly, the Cambia Grove belongs to the community. That’s why we use the term “Third Place” — distinct from those spaces defined exclusively as “home” or “work” — to define what happens within its walls. It’s like a basecamp for health care innovators, where you can connect for a midday coffee or after-work huddle—and gear up for your next big move. You’ll find fellow entrepreneurs and opportunities to connect with prospective mentors, customers and investors.

In addition to our easy collaboration, the Cambia Grove can host meetings and events for groups of 2 or 250, support short-term entrepreneurial team residencies and act as long-term host to community resources. We are also the place for newcomers to work while they explore investing locally or starting their health care business here.

The available space includes:

We invite you to join the health care industry thought leaders and innovators at the Cambia Grove and get down to work.


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