Sounding Board

To provide more guidance for new and emerging health care entrepreneurs in the region, the Cambia Grove now offers access to its Sounding Board advisory panel.

Sounding Board members bring a wealth of experience from within the trenches with successful startups and industry experience. They volunteer their time for the betterment of the ecosystem, offering their expertise to the entrepreneurial community at large. Members include major industry influencers who share a deep engagement within the sector and a passion for issues that can help move the needle on health care transformation.  As partners of the Cambia Grove, the Sounding Board works to cultivate collaboration, openness and transparency. Go to our calendar to sign-up for the next Sounding Board session.


Geoffrey Baker

Eric Fogel

Lynne Gregg

Tom Lang, MD

Eric Meyer

Gwen O'Keefe, MD

Jeff Smith

Steve Tarr

Avtar Varma

Michael Wood



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