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Building a Robust Health Care Startup Sector Starts Here

Since its launch in March of 2015, the Cambia Grove has quickly become a hub for Cascadia’s fast growing, dynamic health care innovation ecosystem. We have seen the Cascadia region – which in our work spans Oregon to British Columbia, including Idaho and Utah –  rally to the cause of health care transformation, behind a new model that embraces collaboration and healthy competition. Drawn in part by a bold Anchor Partner Program that connects incumbents with the startups that can fuel innovation, guests to the space represent a growing community of health care leaders and nearly 100 digital health startups in Washington state alone. We’re focused on enabling innovators’ work to deliver better health outcomes to populations at lower cost while delivering best in class consumer experiences.


When you collaborate at the Cambia Grove, you’ll find space to:

  • Host focused workgroups, board meetings and projects
  • Network through informal and formal events, and workshops
  • Set the stage for partnership between health care incumbents and entrepreneurial teams
  • Embark on pilots and proof of concept opportunities
  • Support the commercialization of new solutions
  • Help establish a “Third Place” for the local health care sector

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