About Using the Cambia Grove

Is there a cost to using the Cambia Grove?

Cambia Health Solutions, a tax-paying not-for-profit business, has provided all funding for the Cambia Grove in support of its efforts to make health care more accessible, affordable and accountable to patients. There are no membership dues or costs to use it. This is a community resource.

How do I book space at the Cambia Grove?

Please see our page on using the space, which includes information about the types of space available to reserve.

What happens to my intellectual property?

The IP you bring into the Cambia Grove is yours, and we make no claim to it. For more details please see our page on intellectual property in the space.    

Can you provide examples of activities that will take place at the Cambia Grove?

  • Networking events, speaker series
  • Formal and informal meet ups
  • Pilot, project and proof of concept meetings
  • Company and Community Board meetings
  • National and local showcases for transformative health care solutions emerging from the region

About the Cambia Grove        

Why did you create the Cambia Grove?

We believe the Pacific Northwest is positioned to lead the nation in transforming the health care experience. We are launching The Cambia Grove to connect, organize and support this community of leaders as they disrupt the system with new business models that make health care more affordable and put consumers in the driver’s seat. Together with our partners, we are planting the seeds of innovation in the Cambia Grove.

How would Cambia define health care transformation? What’s really going to move the needle?

Health care transformation re-aligns health care to center on the needs of consumers, not the needs of institutions (providers, insurance plans, employers), using the levers of reimbursement, transparency and ease of use.

What do you mean by putting consumers in the driver’s seat?

For too long we have regarded consumers as uninformed and unwilling to be informed about their own health care. In our work, we are committed to building solutions that start with people and build out.

There are many challenges in health care, which ones do you realistically expect to change, influence, and solve?

We have all the raw ingredients to foster a vibrant health care economic cluster. One of the obstacles for health care startups is access to real-world, proof-of-concept pilots to prove their value proposition. We are providing a space for health care stakeholders and innovators to connect and collaborate on solutions. Our work, at the Cambia Grove, is driven by the Health Care Transformation Pledge (i.e. Community Pledge) – which we invite our users and partners to take. We are also asking our anchor partners to commit to driving pilots with innovative companies that address key challenges they face and that also align with our Pledge.

How will you be able to drive cost out of the system and put people at the center?

We and our partners are committed to ongoing pilots that will tightly focus on driving unnecessary costs out of the health care system, while keeping quality and the consumers health care experience at the forefront of our efforts. We will continuously audit the pilots to ensure that our mission stays intact in all we do.

Is the Cambia Grove an incubator or an accelerator?

No. The Cambia Grove is a new type of health care work space. Its open design is intended to foster collaboration and allow us to; convene a diverse array of regional and national leaders for workshops; host community meetings and networking events; support the launch of startups; and provide a shared habitat for the local health care innovation ecosystem.

How will you navigate working with direct competitors — what does that look like?

At the Cambia Grove, we welcome health plans and providers at a common table. The unifying thread is the Community Pledge. We will work together to pursue a more economically sustainable health care system, focused on people.

It all starts with relationships — and trust — which is cultivated in communities over time. We have an opportunity to bring stakeholders to the table, of whom don’t normally talk to each other, so that we can solve health care problems, together.



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