Office Hours: Understanding Payer Reimbursement with Shelley Webb, Regence

Event | May 23rd, 2018

Office Hours are conducted by members of the community to provide one-on-one appointments with startups and entrepreneurs working toward health care transformation. There are four one-on-one time slots, 30 minutes each.

A few days prior, we will send out "Confirmation Required" emails to registrants. You must email back to confirm your spot or we will have to release your ticket.

Join Shelley Webb, Actuarial Director at Regence, to discuss the reimbursement methodology behind the cost of healthcare services, how new products and services would fit into the context of current and future industry-accepted reimbursement methods, and how data and analytics can be leveraged for value based decision making.


Shelley Webb currently leads the commercial Provider Reimbursement Analytics actuarial department for Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield spanning provider contracting analysis, provider risk arrangements (Total Cost of Care, ACOS, bundled payments) and provider business intelligence tools. Prior to her current role, Shelley led the analytics behind the Treatment Cost Estimator for HealthSparq, a consumer transparency company. She is currently collaborating with the Cambia product team and an Echo Health Venture company on developing innovative product ideas that will lower costs, increase quality, and improve the consumer experience. She is passionate about the industry and the opportunities for change. Prior to joining Regence, Shelley worked as an actuarial consultant for Reden & Anders in San Francisco, CA. She has been with Regence in Seattle, WA, for 12 years.

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