New LinkedIn post from Nicole Bell - Is Collaboration the New Innovation?

The Cambia Grove’s Co-founder and Executive Director Nicole Bell has penned an opinion piece on a topic near and dear to the community we have been building around the space since it opened—collaboration.

In the piece, Nicole argues the investments we see in digital health startups, new data collaborations, and unique partnerships between the health care and technology industries are a direct reflection of the acknowledgement that old ways and old thinking coupled with perverse incentive alignment aren’t serving anyone well any longer.

She also shares stories from our work at Cambia Grove that shows how collaboration is being leveraged to drive better outcomes for consumers, patients and members in health care—in ways that were not happening or would not happen without a willingness to move beyond silos and the strong internal focus many incumbent health care organizations currently exhibit.

You can read the post “Is Collaboration the New Innovation?” on LinkedIn.

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